Shoshone Market Exterior in Carvers

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Ordering counter inside Shoshone Sub Sandwiches

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Handwritten ticket inside Shoshone Sub Sandwiches

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Shoshone Market

1 Willow Road
Carvers, NV 89045

(775) 377-2632

Tucked away in the vast, 100 mile long Big Smoky Valley is one heck of a sandwich shop. Nestled in the tiny town of Carvers, Shoshone Market’s magical sub sandwiches are sure to be the perfect cure for any road weary traveler. Located on State Route 376, Shoshone Market is basically smack dab in between the Highway 50 junction and Tonopah. To a passerby, this amazing little gem appears to be your average small town gas station and convenience store. However, one step inside, and you’ll quickly realize people flock here in search of these gargantuan, meaty delights. 

After a summer away at college, the owners daughter came back home and pitched the idea to her parents: Carvers was missing a delicious sub sandwich shop. Since then, these reputable sandwiches have essentially spread solely by word of mouth, and has become a well known tasty treat in the region. Aside from super high quality and always fresh ingredients, what sets Shoshone aside from other sandwich shops is the small town, is that heartfelt feeling you get when you’re in the joint. With women who’ve worked here for years carefully listening to your order and preparing your meal, to the handwritten order tickets, this place has the charm nailed on top of everything else. 

If you’re passing through and need to grab a quick bite, are preparing to trek nearby hiking spots like Arc Dome or Mt. Jefferson and need to carb load, or just want to eat an incredibly enjoyable sandwich, check out Shoshone Market’s sub sandwiches. It’s definitely worth your while.

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