Photo By: Jamie Kingham

Photo By: Jamie Kingham

Photo By: Jamie Kingham

Photo By: Jamie Kingham

How Do You Say Legendary In Thai?

By JOSH DERI | November 2015
Updated: March 2018

How Do You Say Legendary In Thai? | JOSH DERI

My wife Whitney and I are big-time foodies. And I had heard about this small Thai place off the strip in Vegas called Lotus of Siam. It had quite the reputation. The stuff of legend. So when we were in Vegas we decided to try it. I couldn’t wait.

I was super excited – so excited I couldn’t sleep the night before. Usually, when it comes to restaurants, if there is this level of build up, there’s inevitably a letdown. And that’s all I could think about as we waited a painstaking two hours just to get a table.

But if anything, the place exceeded expectations. I can’t even explain the flavors. For sure it was the northern Thai, house made sausage. The flavors were incredible. I always knew sausage of Italian, French or even Tunisian descent, but never Thai. It had that incredible crisp to the sausage that you always look for but the flavors coming from the keffir lime, galangal and ginger were totally not what we were expecting. It has now become my favorite sausage to eat and cannot wait to try it again.

It wasn’t just the best Thai food I’ve ever had.  It was the best food I’ve ever had. 


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