Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sydney Martinez

Photo By: Sarah Eyk

A Challenge Met

By STEPHANIE FORTE | November 2015
Updated: January 2018


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Nevada’s magnetic energy wrapped its arms around me on my first climbing trip to Red Rock. The towering sandstone walls that hide pools of water and lush greenery whispered sweet nothings of untold possibilities. Bands of limestone visible from Red Rock make the high alpine haven of Mt. Charleston a must-climb.

While hiking up to a popular summer climbing area, The Hood, I first spotted the route Ghetto Boys. It climbs through a striking piece of gold and brown-striped limestone, and my partner explained, “It’s a reachy 5.13c. It’s never been done by a woman.” At barely 5’1 and not having climbed that hard, the odds were stacked against me, even though the leaves on the aspen trees sang “what if…?”  It took six weeks of failing and problem solving to execute the powerful yet delicate movements necessary to climb from the bottom to the top without falling—a redpoint.

Nevada’s diverse landscape doesn’t discriminate based on height or gender. There’s enough wide-open space to dream and discover your best self.  

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