Shrimp Pad Thai- a classic Thai dish executed perfectly by Simply Thai

Romantic Dinner? You Don’t Have to Break the Bank (Or Someone's Heart).

Updated: April 2018

Romantic Dinner? You Don’t Have to Break the Bank (Or Someone's Heart). | SUPER AWESOMEUSER

Honestly, it’s hard to beat the casinos for luxurious dining.  Most of them have high-end steakhouses with brilliant menus, designed to make winners feel like, well, winners.  And when I’m looking to drop a c-note on a meal, and get pampered in the process, those joints are at the top of my list.

The wallet can’t support those types of meals all the time, though, and steakhouse cuisine, while magnificent, tends to be the same from restaurant to restaurant.  Sometimes, when you need to ignite romantic sparks- and still afford flowers and candy- you need to get a bit more creative.

While Asian cuisine may not immediately spring to mind, it should.  We’re talking plentiful seafood, exotic spices (many of which are considered aphrodisiacs), and a dining style that encourages sharing.

Now, food’s only part of the equation- the atmosphere is just as important- so not every Asian eatery is going to fit the bill.  Luckily, Simply Thai in Spanish Springs, is the full package. 

It’s not a huge place, nor does the outside scream luxury, but the inside is clean and well decorated, with intimate lighting and some strategically placed screens to help break up the dining area into smaller sections.  The hostess invited us to sit where we wanted, so we picked a nice little table for two tucked away into a corner, and began to peruse the menu- no small feat, I might add, as there are a plethora of choices.

If you’re in a Thai joint, pad thai is a moral imperative, so that was a no-brainer.  And how could you go wrong, romantically speaking, with a dish like “Cashews in Love?”  Add a nice curry with a good kick to the mix, and all that’s left is to stare longingly into each other’s eyes while the chef gets to work.  I think there was some music playing softly in the background, but I was enjoying my company too much to really pay close attention.

The food showed up before we knew it- hot, fresh, and aromatic.  They brought us a couple of plates, and a couple of bowls, but there’s nothing better than a potential “Lady and the Tramp” moment when eating from the same plate.

After a very satisfying dinner- part of which we packed up for later- we had to order dessert- a fried banana roll with coconut ice cream? You’re not likely to find *that* at a steakhouse.

And, as we discovered when the bill arrived, there’s an extra bonus when eating at Simply Thai- a bill that doesn’t leave you trying to figure out how to cover the mortgage next month.  Three dishes, plus dessert, for under $50- and we had leftovers for lunch the next day.

Brilliant food, wonderful ambience, and reasonable prices?  Look out steakhouses- there’s a new matchmaker in town.


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