General on top of Harley in front of Welcome to Nevada Sign

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Motel 6 Ely

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Completed survival guide on General's adventure

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Hotel Nevada at night in Ely

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The General on top of motorcycle and loneliest road

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Loneliest Road at Sunset

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General Takes On 'The Loneliest Road in America'

By GENERALS DRIVER | October 2014
Updated: February 2018


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General Takes On 'The Loneliest Road in America' | GENERALS DRIVER

In July of 2014, General the Papillon rode his 2010 Harley Davidson through one of Nevada’s most notorious highways: The Loneliest Road in America, or Highway 50. Along the way, General and myself [someone had to drive!] collected six stamps to complete the Loneliest Road’s Survival Guide, stopping in Baker, Ely, Eureka, Austin, Fallon and Fernley.

We started the ride in Baker, working our way East to West and called it a day by the time we made it to the town of Ely. Here, we stayed at the Motel 6, but before leaving town the next morning stopped to get breakfast at the historic Hotel Nevada.

The road was desolate, but we did encounter some wildlife when passing two rattlesnakes sunning themselves in the roadway. We weren’t stopping for pictures though! While the ride was beautiful from start to finish, one of our favorite parts was discovering that there are actually beautiful canyons to ride through. Coming across these sweeping turns and picturesque scenery made for a nice break from the long straight stretches of road.

This stretch of road was just one piece of the pie in an overall grand adventure the General and I were on…From May 7th to September 1st we rode all 48 Continental United States. This was a major bucket list item for me and General, and was truly a memorable ride. In all the places we stopped, everyone was so friendly and welcoming. Our experiences in Nevada were great, I would recommend it to everyone!


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